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 My brand is my passion,  my style is my creative vision  and my skills are exactly what my clients need to take their vision to the next level. 

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Kreat Media is my artform brought to life. I'm committed to craftsmanship, quality content and creative storytelling whether I'm shooting a wedding, real estate video, music video or campaign ad for a Maine business, I'm all in. 

There are those who live their lives for adventure, and there are those who live to record it. I’ve been lucky enough to do both. Five years of work in the industry, seven countries and countless advertisements and artist collaborations - I thrive on bringing my clients’ visions to reality. I’m skilled in emotive wedding, captivating real estate, advertising and artist videos that connect with you and your audience.


I invite you to take a leap with Kreat Media to take your brand to the next level. How can I help you?

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